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My Name is Robert L. Warlick. I am a Retired Navy Chief and owner of Disabled Veterans Compensation LLC. Our physical location is in the great state of Mississippi. I would like to
provide a brief background on how we came to be.

I retired from the Navy in 2009. I was fortunate and grateful for my initial disability rating, however, I noticed that my service-connected disabilities were getting progressively and
painfully worse. For the next 10 years I navigated through the VA claims process and was eventually upgraded after running into a roadblock I was unable to overcome alone. I reached
out to a former shipmate of mine, the late Carlos Ramirez, who was assisting Veterans with their claims. After receiving by far the best possible assistance with my VA disability rating, I became so enamored with the company and services of (REE Medical), that I wanted to become part of this company that focuses solely on ensuring that Veterans receive attention to detail, as it relates to their disabilities. In April 2020, I became an affiliate of Ree Medical and birthed “Disabled Veterans Compensation LLC. I stand on the shoulders of a company that provided exceptional service to me and thousands before me who served this great country.

Disabled Veterans Compensation collaborated with physicians around the country who believe that veterans deserve the very best medical and fair and honest disability service ratings our country has to offer veterans.

Currently, the physicians associated with Disabled Veterans Compensation have treated veterans
for a wide variety of medical complications caused by their service in our Armed Forces. I, as well as you, may have found out that the disability claims process has become complicated.
That is why Disabled Veterans Compensation (DVC) was formed to will help veterans navigate this process.
At Disabled Veterans Compensation (DVC) we provide accurate, thorough medical assessments by taking the time that is needed to ensure that each veteran’s unique disability is properly diagnosed and documented. Your Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) will be filled out by
a physician who believes in complete, accurate, and unbiased examinations, treatments, and reports.

Disabled Veterans Compensation is passionate about serving our veterans. When you work with
us, you will have a team of medical professionals who care about honesty, accuracy,

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November 1999- December 2000

Independent Consultant, Biloxi, MS 

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